Friday, June 12, 2009

Agrifiber Composit materials are just Better!

"When compared to wood-based particleboard, agrifiber composite materials, comprised of wheat straw or other agricultural fiber, have been found to provide: Greater strength, Competitive prices, Better dimensional stability, Lighter weight- up to 20 percent lighter, Better machining characteristics, Better screw and nail holding capabilities, Better water-resistance, Better lamination attributes, Environmental Impact. Look for those which contain no added urea-formaldehyde."

Reads like an ad from our panel manufacturers, Biocomposite's MicroStrand wheat board literature...

but NOPE!, it's from the "Guide to the 2007 Built Green(r) Checklist Version 2007.2 page 216.

Always good to have an unbiased third party referral!

Koch & Co's GREEN series cabinetry fits the bill using MicroStrand wheat board for over 85 percent of the cabinet construction. Not only does wheat board exhibit all of the benefits as outlined above, it's rapidly renewable! Think about it, a tree takes decades to mature. Wheat is grown and the stalk harvested sometimes twice in just one year!