Friday, April 18, 2008

GreenBuildingTalk Blog says...

Several cabinet companies showcased beautiful bamboo and other sustainable materials. A highlight was Koch & Co.’s Wheat Board cabinetry. Wheat board is a particleboard that is manufactured from wheat stalk fiber instead of tree fiber. Koch's wheatboard cabinets also use low or no VOC finishes, making their product one of the greenest. Koch also offers cabinetry made from German Beech wood, a sustainable wood product from the forests of Germany. When I spoke with Doug Martin, a Pollmeir rep marketing German Beech wood, he impressed upon me that the Beech wood coming from Germany is quite sustainable. Pollmeir’s German Beech wood meets sustainable forestry standards, including the Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) and makes up 57% of Germany’s hardwood forests.
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ONNO said...

The one thing that makes me nervous about seeing wheat board is that we might run into the same crisis we're seeing with corn. Too many uses and not enough product causing food shortages.

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David Summer said...

The key thing with the wheatboard is that it is the leftover wheat chafe, the stalk and debris, from AFTER the grain is harvested - that goes into the wheatboard panels. Thus, we are not diverting food from the table and therefore no impact on the food chain. The corn problem is that many of the corn products are derived from the kernel and not the stalk and leaves.

Anonymous said...

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