Thursday, December 6, 2007

How Green is Green?

Time to play blogger catch-up! We have been extremely busy the last few weeks. I came away from the GreenBuild Conference with a lot of new insights regarding the criteria for Green Construction. Here are two key observations.

Thoughts from the USGBC's GreenBuild Conference and Expo held here in Chicago November 7-9, 2007. I have to say that GreenBuild is the most energetic trade show, convention, expo I have ever attended. At “only” 25,000 attendees it is on the smaller side of the scale for a national show, but man oh man, there was energy in the house at McCormick Place West! Make no mistake about it - Green is here to stay. Somewhere in the near future we will drop the adjective “Green”, as it will become the “norm” for the built environment.

Green Construction is a Journey, not a Destination. It is hitting the proverbial moving target. As soon as you think you get there, there is no longer there. Shades of green are constantly shifting. It is much like “growing up” – back in high school my Dad was the dumbest man alive; 20 years and four kids later, he now may very well be the wisest. The more we learn the more we realize how dumb we are; the greener we get the more we realize how light green we are. Thus, Green Construction will be a journey, not a destination.

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