Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kitchen Village selected supplier for Chicago premier Green Home development project - Solar Verde.

Kitchen Village Contractor Sales division won the cabinet contract for the esteemed Solar Verde Green Home project located in South Chicago. Kitchen Village will be providing Koch GREEN cabinetry with Beech Door and Drawer fronts for the 20 unit development currently underway with expected completion in 2008.

Solar Verde is a Net Zero Energy Green Home and Community. Koch's GREEN series cabinet are a natural fit for the Green criteria Schmidt and Associates have dictated for the project. Koch's wheat board construction is formaldehyde free and the finishes are also low VOC for improved personal comfort and safety of the end user providing a healthier indoor environment. Furthermore, the wheatboard casework is a superb application of sustainable and rapidly renewable construction components. The wheatboard utilizes the waste and chaff leftover from wheat harvesting - an annually renewable source traditionally left to rot.

For additional information on Kitchen Village go here.
For additional information on Koch GREEN Cabinetry you can email me.
For additional information on the Solar Verde development go here.

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